Officers and Contact

President Kirsten Maki
Vice President Bev Trynoski
Secretary John McCabe
Treasurer Bob Jordan

Eric Rehorst, Glen Kivela, Ernest Johnson

Bulletin The Jaspilite
Jaspilite Editor Kirsten Maki
Primary Email
Gem & Mineral Show
Kirsten Maki (Show Coordinator)
Dawn & John McCabe (Vendor Coordinators)
John McCabe assisted by Dan Fountain

Correspondence Ishpeming Rock & Mineral Club
Po Box 102
Ishpeming, MI 49849

About the Club

Our club offers meetings and field trips with open attendence. We strive to provide good presentations, experts in attendence, auctions and door prizes in meetings, and a welcoming environment to everyone! We work with local mine owners for our opportunities to visit and take what we like, and we can do this because we hold our participants accountable. Every year we have a Rocks and Minerals Show with a wide variety of local, national and international material from our many venders. If you have extra material to sell and you think you'd fit, feel free to reach out to our vendor coordinators!

If you join our club and the email list, we also offer the Jaspilite, a publication for relevant local and club news. It isn't released on a regular schedule - it comes whenever its Editor has time and content to offer. Old releases will be offered on this site in the future.

We provide a list of planned meetings and events. Check out our other links for interesting content.

Membership is $10 a year, but meetings are free and you can still show up on our trips! Please reach out by email if you have any questions or concerns.

Common Questions

Can you recommend sites to visit?
To respect local land owners, as well as for liability purposes, the Ishpeming Rock and Mineral Club or its Officers cannot suggest or recommend rock and mineral collecting areas and sites. For this reason, we try to plan and organize Summer Field Trips where we receive permission from local land owners to visit and collect from their sites, as a group, on certain days, during certain times. We will continue to post the organized Field Trip dates and times on this Website.
For other places to check out and visit however, please visit the resources page!

Can I go on field trips if I'm not a member?
Absolutely! Non members can participate for a slightly extra fee ($10 instead of member $5). Anyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules.

Is the website updated?
The website is updated before and after club functions, intermittently in between. If information is out of date, unclear or incomplete, please message the webmaster! Reports for bugs and issues, or suggestions for features are welcome. If a page does not seem to be updated when it should be, try 'force refreshing' (ctrl + f5 on desktop).

Another question not covered here?
Send a message to the irmc club email! The response may appear in this section later.