Welcome to the Ishpeming Rock and Mineral Club!

Our group shares the common interest of exploring the minerology and specimines of rock, locally in the UP and occasionally elsewhere. Most of our trips take place in the Ishpeming-Negaunee area, though occasionally there are longer drives and even out of state opportunities. Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge in the field, or just want to look at pretty rocks, or take the opportunity to join a friendly social group, there is a place for you.

To respect local land owners, as well as for liability purposes, the Ishpeming Rock and Mineral Club or its Officers cannot suggest or recommend rock and mineral collecting areas and sites. For this reason, we try to plan and organize Summer Field Trips where we receive permission from local land owners to visit and collect from their sites, as a group, on certain days, during certain times. We will continue to post the organized Field Trip dates and times on this Website.

Last Updated: 6/19/2022, site tweaks and date updates. Website emails are now back online.